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Our Wellness Travel Consultants are experts in arranging vacations that have a strong emphasis on health and wellness.

Planning vacation experiences with an emphasis on food and drink is their area of expertise.

Our adventure travel specialists are experts in organising journeys that include thrilling activities.

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Lettu Voyages, an organisation specialising in creating unique and personalized travel experiences for clients, is passionate about travel and believes every journey should be an adventure that provides your mind, body, and soul with nourishment. That’s why we provide a variety of travel planning services, which assist you in generating a trip that complicates only your personal boundaries and preferences. It is vitally important for your Wellness Travel Advisors to take care of themselves and can help you plan a trip that prioritizes health and well-being.

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Wellness Travel Advisors

Our Wellness Travel Advisors specialise in planning wellness vacations. They know how crucial it is to take time for yourself to heal and relax. In addition to relaxing, active, and nutritious eating, our Wellness Travel Advisors can help you create a trip that includes some physical activity and relaxation. Spa treatments, yoga and meditation retreats, fitness classes, healthy cooking classes, and other wellness activities may be found in certain wellness-focused destinations.


Culinary Travel Experts

Food and drink are vitally important components of any culinary experience. Our Culinary Travel Experts can help you find amazing food and drink destinations, as well as suggest ideal accommodations. Whether you want to learn to cook with a Michelin-starred restaurant in Tuscany, see the latest winemaking techniques in Italy, or take a cooking class in Thailand, our Culinary Travel Experts can help you plan a trip that satisfies your senses.


Adventure Travel Specialists

Our Adventure Travel Specialists specialize in generating thrilling and exciting activities for your trip. They may recommend activities such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving, and more. Our Adventure Travel Specialists may also provide suggestions for accommodations that provide adventure activities . Whether you want to go bungee jumping or moderate hiking, our Adventure Travel Specialists can assist you with a trip that satisfies your desire for adventure.

What Our Customer Says

I just planned a wellness-centered retreat in Bali with the help of the Lettu Voyages team, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was able to indulge in delectable local food thanks to the recommendations of the culinary travel experts and the wellness travel advisors, who assisted me in finding the ideal retreat facility and activities to suit my needs. Of course, the Adventure Travel Professionals also assisted me in organising some incredible outdoor adventures.

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